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Tax Me:I'm Canadian - N

Tax Me:I'm Canadian - N

 Tax Me:I'm Canadian - N  

In this smartly argued and witty account of how politicians spend our tax dollars, Mark Milke explores that other certainty in life besides death - taxes.

The books explains how governments since Conferderation have taxed and spent their citizens' money. It reveals when and how taxes led to the civilized society we all value, and also when billions in taxes where blown on corporate welfare, monopolostic government unions and useless megaprojects that can be described as vanity projects for the political class.

There are no sacred cows here. Milke details how more tax dollars won't solve the woes of Aboriginal peoples; how massive transfers from Ottawa to the provinces harm Canada; and why the welfare state is a debt-induced illusion. He also brings up the fun facts that few people know: Americans created Canadian taxes, Alberta imposed Canada's first sales tax (!), and who actually created the first tax in history. Lastly, the author points the way to a smart balance between the demand for taxes and the need of citizens not to be gouged. A look at citizen involvement in lawmaking in Switzerland offers a model that Milke deems worth of emulation.

Tax Me I'm Canadian! is everything you need to know about where your tax dollars end up and why!

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