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Playing with the Angels

Playing with the Angels

Playing with the Angels  

he title and the development of this book was inspired by a young child. When someone at a funeral home told the four year old that her mother was now playing with the angels, she asked the question: why would her Mommy rather be playing with angels than with her?

This gentle series of short stories shares gentle messages for children who have lost a loved one. Each story is inspired by real kids and their real losses, helping children who are living with grief to realize that they are not alone. Realistic storytelling is complemented by magnificent artwork that captures the magic, mystery and possibility of what may lie beyond life on this Earth.

About the Author: Jane George is Executive Director of Wellwood in Hamilton, Ontario, a centre dedicated to helping people live well with cancer. A writer and former editor, she was also previously Director of Public Relations for the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University.

About the Illustrator: Mattie Zelinski is an artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mattie's home province is a majestic influence in her work.

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