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Louis Riel, Patriot

Louis Riel, Patriot

  Louis Riel, Patriot      

From the studio of visual artist Robert Freynet, located in the picturesque village of Ste. Genevieve, Manitoba, in Canada, comes his latest work, Louis Riel, Patriot.

Robert Freynet studied the art of the graphic novel with masters of the art form from Belgium and France at the Ecole international de Bourdeaux, France. He has authored, amongst other works, the best-selling historical graphic novel La Verendrye: explorateur de l’Ouest canadien.

In Louis Riel, Patriot, Robert Freynet transports us, via the “ninth art”, to the colourful events around the time of Canada’s Confederation. Here we delve into the tragic life of the controversial Métis leader, Louis Riel, Founder of the Province of Manitoba and the Father of Confederation.

Brought to life once more through his richly documented and faithful account, these monumental events in Canadian history continue to captivate and inspire. Against a backdrop of political intrigue international in scope, a man stands his ground, his people are rallied, and a country is forged.

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