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Granny Get Your Glue Gu

Granny Get Your Glue Gu

Granny Get Your Glue Gu

 The grandkids are coming! Don’t panic! Granny Get Your Glue Gun is your guide to hours of creative fun with your grandchildren from creative crafts (popsicle stick jigsaw puzzles and wine cork boats) and things to make in the kitchen (5 minute chocolate cake in a mug), to great games like dancing ping pong balls, fortune teller, building card houses and pretend cameras to name just a few. Grandparents, mothers and anyone who needs to entertain young children will love this fun and useful book! Hidden coil binding -

Chosen as one of the Top 10 Books for Grandparents for 2017.

"Just when you thought you had run out of ideas to captivate the kiddos, along comes this amazing collection of projects to keep the little darlings entertained for hours. I want to be 7 again, but this time I won't eat the paste. -- Vicki Gabereau, broadcaste.

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