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Dot/Sky: Clouds,Stories

Dot/Sky: Clouds,Stories

Dot/Sky: Clouds,Stories  

Is it going to rain tomorrow? That question seems easy enough to answer - just check the weather report! But how about if there were no weather report - what then? And what about our ancestors who were not able to measure weather patterns the way it is done today. How did they understand the forces of rain, sun, snow and wind?

In the newest addition to the Dot to Dot in the Sky series, author Joan Marie Galat takes a two-pronged look at the customs surrounding weather providing an introduction to the basic concepts of meteorology for young readers. Read about Lei-Gong - the Chinese god of thunder - who was captured and set free, only to flood the Earth. Or discover the story of Father Frost, the Russian spirit whose icy touch was a danger to anyone he deemed unworthy.

Stories in the Clouds features astounding pastel art by Georgia Graham, as well as detailed sidebars educating readers on subjects like how clouds form, what creates thunder and lightning, why temperatures change, and much more. A fun educational book, brimming with ideas, this is the perfect introduction for young readers to the weather's strange and sometimes erratic behavior.

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